WELCOME TO JIM MCALLISTER You elected me in November 2021 for a four year term, after serving on both Woodfin's Planning Commission,
as well as Board of Adjustment

About JIM Mcallister

Jim McAllister grew up in Alabama and has great childhood memories of visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains as a kid. “Mom & Dad would load up the station wagon and all of us – I had three brothers – would head up here because it was always so hot in Alabama. But we would come up here and it was always nice and cool!” He went to the University of Alabama for a Business degree and spent over 35 years in sales and sales management.  “I traveled to this area repeatedly during my career and decided years ago that I would retire here.”  Jim grew up a sports fan and played basketball when he was younger. He’s now a rabid UNCA Bulldogs basketball fan and had great fun this year as the team won the Big South Championship and will head to either the NIT or NCAA tournaments!

Woodfin, NC Town Commisioner